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About Us

Before we tell you about our company, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing interest in our hemp-based, full-spectrum CBD. Our passion for CBD stems from seeing the wonders our product has done for family, friends, pets, and strangers.

Almost everyone, actually everyone in our family, had a reason to try to improve their quality of life. We all searched for natural methods of improving our health and physical performance since we had nothing to lose. From trying to alleviate the pain from a physically debilitating genetic illness to enhancing sleep, almost everyone had something to gain physically.

                                                                                 Our Research

Those that had no known physical issues had other areas of their life they wanted to improve. From relieving stress and depression to improving a marathon runner’s time, there was a whole new array of issues to improve. One identical method of treatment or recommendation kept coming up in all of our own independent research. That method was CBD. From there, the adventure began.

We all researched this new curious substance with excitement. With everyone on board, including a mayo clinic medical professor, we agreed to start testing all the available formulations and methods made to consume CBD. After two years of subjecting ourselves to hundreds of different products and formulations, we all concurred on what we felt worked best and the best method for making it.

                                                        Cosset Wellness

This method and formulation are what Cosset Health & Wellness is today. But we didn’t stop at just testing it on us. Since our CBD is ISO-certified lab tested by a third party, we knew our product was of pharmaceutical quality and had what we said. We began giving it to our pets and pets friends since if it’s good enough for humans, it was good enough for them. We didn’t think they deserved the lower-quality pet CBD products we saw on the market.

Everyone noticed some sort of improvement in their pet, whether it be walking better to a mood improvement. Then we thought, could CBD benefit a person considered in average or above-average health? Our formulation was now being put to the test by people who didn’t have a vested interest in our product and was asked for their honest opinions.

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