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Cosset Wellness started in 2018 after numerous members in our family had health and wellness conditions that traditional methods and medications were not helping.

We had a world-renowned doctor with extreme neuropathy, elderly family members with injuries that traditional physical therapy was not helping with, pets with anxiety and chronic health conditions amongst multiple other physical and emotional health issues in our extended family.

After a couple of years of utilizing and selling various products, we have decided to focus on only one product at this time. We believe our broad spectrum phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract has the widest variety of uses and good bioavailability.

We do not focus on how much money we can make off of our products but instead in how many ways it can help people. We have tried to keep the pricing to a minimum and one of the lowest in the United States because staying healthy shouldn’t cost you a small fortune each month.

We also believe in and instituted our new Ultraviolet glass bottles with leak-proof droppers to keep your product as fresh as possible. We don’t want you to recycle or throw away these bottles, but instead, we want you to reuse them for years and years.

Sustaining the environment and your health is our number one concern. We hope you enjoy our product and welcome you to the Cosset Wellness family.

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